Unboxing the Bates Victrix: Sable Giesler

Sable Giesler - Bates Victrix - Unboxing"As soon as I opened the box with my Victrix and caught a glimpse of the flashes of pink I was in love! The coloured leather is the same high-quality Luxe leather used on the rest of the saddle so you don’t have to compromise quality for looks.

"Riding in a saddle that showcases a touch of my personal style is a dream come true for me. I might be 25, but I will always want to sport some hot pink!

Sable Giesler - Bates Victrix - Unboxing

"After opening the box and admiring the eye-catching design, I picked up the saddle and was impressed with how light and compact it is.

Sable Giesler - Bates Victrix - Unboxing

"The saddle is obviously close contact but there is enough support to keep me secure in the saddle. I love how the knee and leg blocks are adjustable so I can custom fit the saddle to myself on the fly.

"Of course, all Bates saddles allow you to continually keep them custom-fitted to your horse and this one is no exception.

Sable Giesler - Bates Victrix - Unboxing

"High-performance design, personalized styling and a convenient custom-fitting system - the Victrix has it all and I am thrilled that I have the Victrix, in addition to my Bates Advanta eventing saddles.

"My Munchkins and I are beyond happy to work with Bates and  I am beyond excited to ride at a major competition in the Bates Victrix and show it off to my fellow eventers!"

Sable Giesler - Bates Victrix - Unboxing

About Sable

Bates Saddles Sponsored Rider, Sable Giesler, is one of Canada’s up and coming Eventing riders and Managing Editor of popular eventing website, Eventing Connect

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