What did CCI5* eventer Sarah Bullimore say about the Bates Victrix?

British CCI5* eventer, Sarah Bullimore of Bullimore Eventing has today announced her partnership with Bates Saddles.

“I remember my initial words when I sat in the Bates Victrix were – I don’t hate it – which for me is huge, huge, huge praise indeed! I love it, and I have all of my horses in it and wouldn’t want to ride in anything different! – Sarah Bullimore, Bullimore Eventing

Sarah has long been a close brand-fit for Bates saddles as her passion for her horses' comfort and happiness is second to none. When the Bates Victrix was launched in 2019, Bates Saddles began to work closely with Sarah and before long, they were ordering more saddles to suit her signature Black and Maroon branding!

“We are humbled in working with a world-class athlete who genuinely believes in our high-performance saddles and who has achieved outstanding results while riding in them. Riders of this caliber are instrumental in providing feedback so we can continue to provide truly innovative high-performance saddles” commented Ron Bates, Managing Director of Bates Saddles.

Bates Saddles is pleased to welcome Sarah Bullimore to the team of Bates advocates. Sarah is a talented eventer, regular competing nationally and internationally and has ranked as high as 4th in the FEI Eventing World Athlete Rankings.

About her sponsorship, Sarah Bullimore of Bullimore Eventing says, “In the heat of the moment, the last thing you want on your mind is your saddle. The Bates technology keeps me in the correct position so that I’m not fighting the saddle to stay in balance, giving me everything to help my horses’ comfort and performance. The only question on my mind now is why I wasn’t riding in Bates saddles sooner.”

Find out more about Sarah’s saddles of choice on her profile.

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